21 Aug

Hey y’all. So it turns out I have nothing to do so I am reopening! I will be available for the 2005/06 school year!! I’ll do better I promise, but we really have to have some good conversations going on this year. A lot has happened over the summer. You are all growing up so fast. Let’s not forget we are not alone though. We are in this together. I want you to reach out to your friends and let them know that there really is a soft place to land and a lot of room to vent..so come on over to Rodeo Mom’s Question and Concern Page.

Up & Comming Topics:

Criminal Convictions: Why what you do now-really does effect you later on.

Minimize your life: 500 to 1000 things in each room (sounds like a lot, but start counting)

Also: Is Junior year too soon to start thinking about college?

Bonus: We are going to start an on-going forum for you all to come together and start answering some of your own questions. Just to get  acquainted again— You guys tell me what your first job was and why you hated it…and then if you could list some ideas of places to get maybe a good job for the busy high school and college years.

Remember this is open to anyone. Any question, anytime.

I’d love to hear from you…and as always Rodeo Mom loves y’all.


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  1. ftbomh August 21, 2005 at 11:09 PM #

    hey sister.i would like to get some tips on how to get a car before january.and also.how should i get my hair cut.and do you have any other suggestions as to where i should work besides a daycare center?

  2. dumplingking August 22, 2005 at 12:33 AM #

    i dont think junior year is too early to start thinking about colleges, i’ve been thinking about it since seventh grade. the application process for some colleges start as soon as junior year. my first job was at applebee’s bar and grill as a host. it’s not hard work if you have had experience with having a job. i wouldn’t recommend it as a first job, but it’s a good one.
    i currently dont have anything i need advising on, but im glad you’re back.

  3. disciplexme August 22, 2005 at 2:31 AM #

    my first job was at Indian Trails pool as a concession workerBLAH5.25/hour to make nasty cheese and serve food to fat patronsthe only benefit was hanging out with your friends all dayand it sets you up for if you want to be a lifeguard and make7.75/hour which is pretty much amazingconsidering you sit in a chair all day
    i would consider checking the mall out for applications right nowall college kids are leaving and they all need workersa lady at Eddie Bauer like ran up to me offering me a jobcrazyoh and question : I have this problem with waiting until 10pm sunday night to do a ton of homeworkhow can I fix this?

    ❤ you

  4. PinkLexxxus52 August 22, 2005 at 11:35 PM #

    hey ME. Happy Sweet 16 by the way!!! As far as you getting a car before January–all I can tell you really is what I told you last year and that is to get your ass out of bed and go to school (which is by the way the main reason why you can’t have it until January). But since that advice is obviously no good try this: the best way to get exactly what you want is to do exactly what you are told (at least on the surface)…it is not that difficult of a concept yet here we are generation after generation thinking we can get by “just by doing our own thing” isn’t it cute. Remember the guy in the black leather skirt leaving West the other day?
    I mean hello? How original… No I should post pictures of me and my friends in high school that would be a real riot. I think I will.
    As far as getting your hair cut I think you should go short for once. Not real short because you still have a lot of baby hair around your hair line. You need to leave that long so it gets weighed down.

  5. PinkLexxxus52 August 22, 2005 at 11:38 PM #

    Oh yeah Applebee’s. I worked there once for like 2 weeks sometime during my senior year or the summer before or something. I dunno. I was just a hostess and I quit because I couldn’t bear the smell of my pants after I would get off of work. Yuck. My first job was a K-Mart in Lee’s Summit. I think that it should be against the law to work under florescent lights, how about you? We used to sing “K-Mart K-Mart that’s our store-We shop there cuz we are Poor”
    Good times.

  6. PinkLexxxus52 August 22, 2005 at 11:45 PM #

    Natalie? How good it is to hear from you. Yeah I am so happy. I remember when you used to work at the pool. How fun.
    So this homework thing – there isn’t a person alive this doesn’t effect. Waiting till the last minute to get stuff done. Having a sister like Elizabeth though made me really work hard on motivation. Tips that I love are of course the ol’ tennis shoe trick, which I believe I just talked to your sister about. It’s on here somewhere and everyone is sick of me telling them about it. Another great one too is to get a little cozy (not too cozy) Make yourself a yummy snack (I like a good coffee-but whatever your into). The key is to not take on too much at a time. Tell your self that you are only going to take one hour to do homework right now and then you are going to go do whatever you want. Most often one hour turns into you getting it all done and feeling relieved. And really you need to leave Sunday nights opened because coming September Desperate Housewives starts up again.! Which I’m happy about anyway.

  7. PinkLexxxus52 August 22, 2005 at 11:50 PM #

    ALSO HUNG…..Not to piss you off or anything this is just advice. I was talking to Kendon this morning and he bought over $400 worth of books on E-bay for under $60 .. So I dunno if you would be as lucky but next semester it may workout. Have fun at school though.

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