1 Sep

You guys I am just so depressed. I can’t even stand to watch the news right now. It’s like a freaking horror movie in Louisiana right now. What in the heck is going on? I feel like…i don’t even know to be honest. I was watching Primetime tonight and there was this Dad who was trying to escape New Orleans to get to Houston (like everyone else) because his little girl was being flown there because she is dying from a brain tumor. He said he had to outrun car jackers? Women were being pulled off of the streets and are being raped? Babies too? I know that this is hard to believe and honestly I don’t want to. In America? I don’t even know what to think. I don’t understand where the Army is? Gee you think you could come back from Iraq for like i dunno 5 minutes and fix this. I am usually not this cynical or pissy, but I just don’t know where to vent.

Well back here in Kansas City (and obviously everywhere) we have the gas situation to deal with. I haven’t left my house pretty much all summer as it is. I am just one person, I don’t even really have to leave my house if I don’t want to. How are you all doing this? Eric has been cycling to work a couple of days a week all summer, but now he is going to ride everyday even maybe some nights (I am not a fan of this). I heard upwards of $4-6 by the end of Labor Day weekend. People cannot afford this. This country will shut down. Food will be outrageous. I feel like one of those paranoid freakazoids (yep freakazoids) but seriously I am almost to point where I don’t know what will happen next and want to start stocking up on food or something. Okay well I’m sorry. I’m done.

Love Always: Rodeo Mom


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  1. ftbomh September 6, 2005 at 7:50 PM #

    here is a question rodeo mom.how can i find a way to see my sisters more?i miss them a lot.and because of these gas prices you speak of i hardly ever get to see them.also.you say i can always be in control of a situation.but are you sure this works when a certain person is closed-minded and crazy?because im not so sure.

  2. PinkLexxxus52 September 7, 2005 at 12:47 PM #

    LOOK-the gas prices suck bottom line no one is going to argue with you.
    But we just spent the entire weekend together and had so much fun-we could have seen Elizabeth and Kendon more, but you know. Also I am going to babysit you again in a few weeks and Elizabeth is coming home one more time before Thanksgiving. One thing that you could do to help out though is to get a freaking job. You got those applications and then didn’t ever turn them back in. So do that. As far as the gas prices go they will not be going back down- so in protest only drive when you have to. THis sucks especially for me because no one lives by me. Let’s start a fund. Move Breanne to Lenexa Fund. Hahaha. No seriously Indepenedence is so cool i just love it. See you soon Emilia.

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