27 Oct

Where have I been? I’m sure you have been asking yourselves. Well I’ll tell you..I have been in my living room for the past hmmmm 36 straight days. I am babysitting (which I decided is just not what I want to be doing AT ALL) Don’t get me wrong I love kids and all of that, but I am used to being in school and at least having me brain be half afloat. Now I respond only in high pitch voices –

So anyway our Pumpkin Party Potluck was somewhat successful minus the rain & cold weather that didn’t even allow us to be outside even though all our activities were planned for outdoors. Oh well. Dissapointing but we still had fun-I think.

Here is part of the backyard.

Kendon & Eric – it was creepy.. I have a better one but I need to get Kendon’s permission JK

Naomi the Elf & Elizabeth the Lady Bug (Thank you for coming Naomi even though you were sick. I hope you are feeling better)

Here are some of the kids…cute

I guess I really don’t have one with sam in his full costume nor of myself because I was holding the camera. Sad. Look at Emmy’s she has one of Sam.

Speaking of Emilia

Okay so anyway I just wanted to drop in and say hello… Come and talk to me! Rodeo Mom


One Response to “”

  1. SkarfRock October 27, 2005 at 2:19 PM #

    1. Eric & Kendon make such a cute couple.
    2. What the heck is Emmy supposed to be?

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