21 Jan

Time for my semi-annual entry. Many of you I have not seen in almost a year. Sad. It has been a rough year but also one of the best. I got pregnant, I got sicker than sick with morning sickness. I made new friends and had a great summer with Sam. I didn’t gain nearly as much weight as last time so that was good. Charlotte was finally born on Novemeber 1, 2006. Her birthday is cool (Sam and I are both 1-11 and she is 11-1). Charlotte is beautiful and so sweet. She also has been in pain since she was born. She has screamed for almost 3 months now. We are trying desperatly to help her and we are hopeful that with this new medicine her pain will stop. Sam loves his sister beyond anything and never complains that she cries (pretty much whenever she is awake). I guess he already understands how special sisters are ( i know mine are). Anyway I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up. I have spent over $20,000 and over 5 years towards my degree. Hahah. I guess I am still doing Education. (high school Social Studies). But I continue to make it my mission to make all the mistakes possible so I can teach you all to do better. A lot of you are going to college next year and this is the time to start applying and fill out your FAFSA (financial aid). Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions. Have a great rest of the year and be safe. I love ya. BreanneFamily Pics 2006 002

Family Pics 2006 013 Family Pics 2006 011

DSCF0063 Hey come find me on Myspace and facebook too! http://www.myspace.com/breannebeadlezapien


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