Attention Girls

11 Jun




Hi Girls. I am organizing a group of girls to participate in the T.A.K.E. Foundation Seminar that honors Ali Kemp by providing FREE Self Defense Classes. After last weeks tragedy involving Kelsey Smith, who many of you went to school with, I think this is a good time to get proactive about our safety. If you are interested in coming along with the group please let me know ASAP. The highly publicized event is full and they are going to be opening up another date/location soon. I need your name/age/phone number in order to make the reservations. Again this is a free event.

We will meet afterwards at Emilia Beadle’s for snacks and such.

If you have any questions or would like to invite girls that you know just send me their names and numbers. Thank you for your participation in this event!


Kelsey Smith


When? To Be Announced

Where? TBA (we can carpool and/or pick you up)

Why? To Remember, Honor, and Protect Girls

Breanne: 816-373-8505

More Information will follow as soon as Johnson County Parks and Recreation make the date/location available. Please reply if you are interested with your name/age/number or email address.


*Reminder* Please take all phone numbers and locations off of your Myspace, xanga, facebook, etc. NO ONE NEEDS TO KNOW THIS INFORMATION!




Self Defense: T.A.K.E. Foundation Seminar (Women and Girls – Ages 12 & Older)
This program represents a living legacy in honor of Ali Kemp, a 19-year-old Leawood resident who was murdered while working as a lifeguard at a neighborhood pool in Johnson County. The goal of the program is to raise awareness and to give women ages 12 and older the self-protection skills they need to avoid becoming the victims of violent crime. Participants will learn basic self defense techniques which could save their lives. Registering in pairs is recommended: mother/daughters or good friends. We encourage you to sign up together. This program is being presented by The Ali Kemp Educational Foundation in cooperation with the Johnson County Park and Recreation District, City of Leawood Parks and Recreation, and the Blue Valley Recreation Commission.
1-2 hr. session – Free


One Response to “Attention Girls”

  1. CryBig_EmoTears April 1, 2008 at 7:53 PM #

    im going to portland in the summer with my friend riley. there is a really expensive school that has a film program that looks awesome. and to really be able to go there i would have to live there then get residency. SOOOOO….im gonna go check it out to see if oregon is all its cracked up to be… i remeber emmy was telling me about you guys saying that oregon seemed pretty cool..that you could possibly someday live there..i don’t know if you guys were serious but that got me thinking that i don’t want to go to k-state and i wouldn’t really like it- knowing that i could try to make it somewhere else. i need to get out of here…kansas is just filled with the same-ol stuff..not to say i don’t love it. and maybe i would live here AFTER a long while to raise a family, but getting married and having kids is something that i don’t want in the next 5years. i wanna expereince some new things. and oregon is beautiful.
    hmm…we shall see what happens.
    but im not really sad-just annoyed. and only i can change my situaion i might as well do it.
    love you!!!

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