24 Jun

It’s so exciting to think that we have come this far with Hi Noon (Season 2) after only 2  1/2 short months (75 days). This is an exciting milestone! On April 11, 2012, I started vlogging daily. Some days I wasn’t sure I would get a video uploaded in time. Some days I wasn’t sure I “was in the mood”, but I stuck to my mission of finding the funny in my every day. Just like life, some days are funnier than others!

So far this season we have had over 7,200+ views (as of June 24, 2012)! One day 10,000 views might not seem like an impressive number, but today I am grateful for it and encouraged to see what comes next for Hi Noon.

We are dedicated to vlogging and sharing the funny in our day! So, today we celebrate the number 10,000 because I can look back at the last 75 days and know that I laughed and smiled at some point every day! I should add, that during this time I have been challenged with some of the greatest losses in my life. I don’t say this to peak questions or gain sympathies, but to reiterate and challenge you, to search beyond circumstance and in some way, find the funny in every day.

Thanks for watching and laughing with us.


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