What We Do in a Tornado

22 May

I have lived in the Midwest all my life and taking cover during a Tornado warning is just another thing we do in the Spring. It’s usually not a big deal and the storm passes by quickly and we move on with our day…until it doesn’t. Two years ago, a town 3 hours from us was hit hard. The city of Joplin was nearly destroyed. Two days ago, a massive tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma, five hours from us, leaving a path of destruction that has left the town flattened and devastated.

When we hear the warnings we hunker down and pray it doesn’t come near us. We may lose sight of the severity of these storms until we see the destruction they can cause. Here are some things that we have grown up hearing that have become second nature in a lot of ways and may seem like common sense, but if you are not familiar with tornados or have always wondered what families do to prepare, here is a short video showing you what we do.





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