Baby’s First Tastes of Food (Funniest Reactions!)

19 Jun

This video was so much fun to put together. It took several months of getting footage and it all happens in less than three minutes! We recorded Betsy every time she tried a bite of a new food and her facial expressions were hysterical.

Betsy is our third child. We are older now and seasoned parents. That is by no means to say we know what we are doing; we are just parenting differently at this stage in the game.

Feeding time (she sounds like a chicken) is less of a struggle for baby #3. I remember with Sam, we strictly followed the baby food jar labels, as if Gerber were the be-all and end-all for our child. We religiously made sure he had his grains, veg, and fruit serving at every meal and minced up his little portion just so. If he missed a meal or wasn’t eating much we fretted whether or not he would “be ok”!

By the time we had our second child we were a little more realistic. They will eat when they are hungry and they won’t when they aren’t! She got her nutrients and we have always been conscious of what we are feeding our kids. No trans fats and processed food here!

Now with Betsy. She eats what we eat. She’s not very impressed by baby food purees and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that from the beginning of her food exploration we just gave her…….FOOD! There is a pretty popular trend right now called Baby Led Weaning. It’s where you give your baby food and let them gnaw and explore it. In the early stages they might not even be eating much of it (trust me, most of it ends up on the floor). Opponents of baby led weaning fear that the baby “might choke” or they won’t be able to chew because they don’t have teeth. Trust me, your baby will find a way.

We really didn’t even know that baby led weaning was a thing. We just fed our baby. I guess we do a mixture of techniques without even thinking about it. Go with your gut. That’s our mantra. Our baby is hungry, she eats food. Tell your friends.

I love that we have this footage. Watching it even now makes me teary. She ages four months in three minutes during this video. That’s what life feels like. They grow too fast.


2 Responses to “Baby’s First Tastes of Food (Funniest Reactions!)”

  1. Lorraine June 20, 2013 at 3:51 AM #

    Hi Breanne,

    I came across your youtube clip discussing acid reflux in your little baby. Our 6 month old has silent reflux and was not diagnosed until 3months and it has been so difficult. He displayed all the symptoms you talk about and is still having difficulty at times even though his now much more stable on medication. I wonder if you would email me back with a wee update of how your two little ones are now and how things progressed with their reflux as they got older?

    Thanks, Lorraine

    • hinoonvlog June 21, 2013 at 8:47 AM #


      So sorry you are going through that with baby! It’s so hard. This time around was my second baby with reflux so I anticipated it and still took a while to get her medication right. It really took until 6 months before she was fully managed and started sleeping. Once we got it right she started sleeping through the night! The thing to remember is that when they grow, their medication may need to be adjusted to a higher dose. We usually go a week with a fussy baby (which is not her norm) before we realize that she must have grown and see her dr about changing it and wha la she’s good to go. She is now 9 months and still on meds. She still has symptoms (so we know she still needs to be on them). I wish she would outgrow it and get off. She will still have wet hiccups and cough and you can hear it come up. She still spits up, but not as bad. As you know with silent reflux, spitting up is not a sign by itself. My older daughter was on meds til she was a little over one, but didn’t sleep through the night until….well she still doesn’t always and she’s 6! Let me know if you have other questions!
      Best of luck.

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