Baby Led Weaning: Veggie Waffle with a Twist

18 Aug

Tonight at dinner, right before we broke out into song and dance (this happens), I decided to feed Betsy a waffle and vegetables for dinner. 9 times out of 10 she eats what we are having, but tonight it was Rueben sandwiches and I decided to forgo the beer soaked kraut for the baby.

Spread a little butter on a whole wheat waffle and set it down on her plate nestled safely between frozen peas and fresh corn……

And then crescendo! I shoved a pea in waffle box…and then a kernel.
Then Jazz hands! The Veggie Waffle was born.
Easy, Cheap, yummy, pretty, fun, and helps with fine motor. I win.

Baby toddler dinner

try adding frozen peas and fresh corn to a whole wheat waffle. I also added a swipe of butter.

She picked the little suckers out one by one and popped them in her mouth, excited for herself. She ate every last bit.


One Response to “Baby Led Weaning: Veggie Waffle with a Twist”

  1. katelikestocreate August 28, 2013 at 11:21 PM #

    I love this! You could also do it with raisins or other dried fruit for a sweet snack (not as healthy, tho!)

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