17 Sep

I read an article the other day that employers and future employers are scouring social media, now more than ever, when considering potential candidates. I decided to cut to the chase and do the footwork myself.  I mean, really, how bad could it be?


First stop: GOOGLE

I shoved my name into the search bar and….loading

Google Img Search for Breanne HiNoon for future employer

So there are few red flags. Let’s try to determine what a potential employer might notice, shall we?



Ok, so Google might not be the best place to start. Let’s try somewhere else. I think I’m a smashing success on Pinterest. Let’s check out some of my pins.



Analyzing Pinterst


Potential Employer Checks Social Media


Well, Pinterest wasn’t much better. Maybe my future employer will jump straight to Facebook. Surely that will be better.

Facebook fan page like page


Well this just got very weird. I don’t see alcohol, but I can’t be certain that it wasn’t involved. You can’t get into any trouble on Twitter though. I’m almost certain.

Twitter Work Related


Oh looky there! A work related tweet, right at the top of the page. See Twitter is fine!!!

…Son of a….Ok, that Men’s Humor tweet isn’t going to make me look bad is it?

One more site, before I drop like a hot potato, out of this rat race, people call jobs.

Urban Dictionary "Breanne"


Alright! Score. Not bad at all really.  Let’s look up my full name.

Urban Dictionary Breanne HiNoon


That’s ridiculous. I mean, Urban Dictionary isn’t even really a thing. What happens when the roles are reversed?

Potential Employer Urban Dictionary


I think I have some potential after all. #tellyourfriends




If you found this blog helpful, please pass it along and share with your friends. I’d love to meet them too!





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