Seven Minutes of Thoughts

24 Sep

It’s 11:52 pm.

I started a new post and the clock is ticking, because I also told myself that I would go to bed at midnight.


Here are my thoughts:

I think I should use twitter more. I decided to be funny on twitter this week, but what’s actually is happened is my random sentences are just floating around somewhere, because no one follows me on twitter. That’s ok. I’m fine with my floating sentences. I read earlier today that the national archives… or something like that…the  Library of Congress, actually it is, is keeping a record of every tweet that has ever been written.

That’s either really boring or really cool. I can’t decide.

Two hundred years from now, when an 11 year old college  student is researching “post millennial “tweetisms” (11 years old because of the rapid evolution in human brain development, due to the introduction of technology, as one is exiting the birth canal) he will find that today, I was…

therefore making for a disturbing concoction that required I start the batch again. He will note that it could happen to anyone and nothing has really changed after all. Our eleven year old college “tweeter” expert will set down his device and muse about the fact that

 History is more circular than linear and while there is progress, there is really no advancement.

He will twirl his curly hair as he reaches for a skittle. Minus red dye 40, because hopefully, we can at least advance away from that.

seven minutes of thoughts



I have 30 seconds.

In 7 minutes, I have taken a very strange turn and introduced you to a curly head kid in the future, who eats skittles and studies twitter; the document of our generation.

I’m going to bed.

My brain, as you can imagine, will not.

12:00 AM

PS. Wouldn’t it be fun to follow the Library of Congress on Twitter? I think I will address all of my tweets to them from now on. Just to save time on the archival process. You know, to help.

To FOLLOW me on twitter

To FOLLOW the Library of Congress.




Lemme know

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