What is HiNoon?
HiNoon started as a vlog on Youtube that followed our family of 5 as we turned the camera on every day at NOON to try to find the funny stuff in our day. Over the years, it has expanded to include this blog, various social media platforms, and a #findthefunny movement. We’re a little unconventional, but we’re happy with that! F
Who are you?
My name is Breanne Zapien and I live in the Kansas City Missouri area. I am passionate about social media and communication. My mission is to find the funny in everyday. I have chosen to document this process to inspire others to see the funny in their own lives.
Why did you decide to vlog? 

I started HiNoon in the Spring of 2012 with three goals:
#1. To find the funny in every day and help others find it too
#2. To challenge myself to look beyond the doldrums of life and discover the beauty in what I have.
#3. Two goals are sufficient.


Everyone has noon everyday, but we let it pass as just another hour in our day, week, year, life. I wondered what would happen if I documented those funny moments in our day that we often forget. Four years later, it’s still funny.

Where can I watch your vlog?

Visit my Youtube channel & subscribe to our channel: HiNoon.



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