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17 Sep

I read an article the other day that employers and future employers are scouring social media, now more than ever, when considering potential candidates. I decided to cut to the chase and do the footwork myself.  I mean, really, how bad could it be?


First stop: GOOGLE

I shoved my name into the search bar and….loading

Google Img Search for Breanne HiNoon for future employer

So there are few red flags. Let’s try to determine what a potential employer might notice, shall we?



Ok, so Google might not be the best place to start. Let’s try somewhere else. I think I’m a smashing success on Pinterest. Let’s check out some of my pins.



Analyzing Pinterst


Potential Employer Checks Social Media


Well, Pinterest wasn’t much better. Maybe my future employer will jump straight to Facebook. Surely that will be better.

Facebook fan page like page


Well this just got very weird. I don’t see alcohol, but I can’t be certain that it wasn’t involved. You can’t get into any trouble on Twitter though. I’m almost certain.

Twitter Work Related


Oh looky there! A work related tweet, right at the top of the page. See Twitter is fine!!!

…Son of a….Ok, that Men’s Humor tweet isn’t going to make me look bad is it?

One more site, before I drop like a hot potato, out of this rat race, people call jobs.

Urban Dictionary "Breanne"


Alright! Score. Not bad at all really.  Let’s look up my full name.

Urban Dictionary Breanne HiNoon


That’s ridiculous. I mean, Urban Dictionary isn’t even really a thing. What happens when the roles are reversed?

Potential Employer Urban Dictionary


I think I have some potential after all. #tellyourfriends




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11 Sep

Let’s jump right in. You’re in the mood to pop some tags, but you don’t want to waste your time. You walk in to a musty store and think nothing good can come out of this. Well…you may be right, but if you follow these tips, you might be surprised.





For this experiment, I allowed myself a budget of $100 (At a thrift store?! Yep, and I’ll tell you why in tip #4) and 2 hours. That’s it. Any more time and you’ll smell like a giant moth ball. You can check out the entire haul and lookbook of everything I bought and how it looked at the end of this article.


#1. Prepare the night before.

Check your Pinterest, where you have stored up your fashion ideas. You can check out my style board here. Get re-inspired, so that tomorrow, you can be on the lookout for some  of those key items.

#2. Wear a dress.

That’s right (ladies) wear your simplest dress, that is easy to take on and off. You will be trying on a lot of clothes! Wear simple wedges. This will give you height so whether you are trying on skirts or jeans, you’ll be lifted and cute.

#3. Don’t forget to wear your makeup?

I know, it sounds vain, but nothing looks good on you when you are a frumpilicious mess. This is high fashion fun. Ok, maybe not high fashion. Store your mimosa in your purse. You want to look in the mirror and feel pulled together.

#4. Get a cart!

You’re going to pick up every possibility, so give your arms a break. You’re only picking up clothes on this trip. Leave the gravy boat for next time. $100 goes a long way at a thrift store. With a big budget in mind, you won’t have to add up as you go, so put anything and everything that might work in your cart.

#5. Go with what you know.

Don’t waste your time looking at things, you know you don’t wear. My favorite thrift store divides clothing by color. Sweet. I know I look deathly in cream, most oranges, reds, and pinks, so I pass right on to greens, greys, blacks, whites, blues, and purples. I can’t wear anything that isn’t cotton. It’s sad, but I can’t. I sweat too much, so I don’t bother even trying it on.

#6. Avoid anything from Old Navy if you can help it.

This is second hand clothing. Guess what, the original owner of that Old Navy t-shirt already gave it a run for it’s money. Sometimes there’s an exception, as you’ll see in my haul. Look over your items carefully. There is NO reason to buy anything that is not in tip top shape. See pilling or stains? Leave it.


This should be tip #1, but I got excited. This means no kids or friends or people to tell you what looks good or not. This is about efficiency. You’re on a mission. In fact, while strolling the aisles it’s best to not even be distracted by other shoppers. Throw in your ear buds and jam while you sort.

#8. Try new things.

This is your chance to try on something different. Now, don’t go crazy and put on something like this! Take yourself out of your norm and get creative. Worst case scenario, you’ll be out $2, but hey you tried. Of course, have limits!

#9. Try on everything!

Half way through your shopping experience. Stop. Make your way to the dressing room and start trying on every item. For this trip, I probably tried on 37 items the first time in the dressing room. Make two piles. Yes and no. Now, go back to the racks and do it some more.

#10. Bring a calculator.

Your cart looks like the arm chair in your bedroom when you’re done getting ready. Piled high and spilling over. Other patrons are eyeing your strange behavior and you don’t care because you’re FABULOUS! Start adding. Pay attention to the “sale of the day”. Green tags 50% off? “Senior citizen day? Call your grandma to come check you out. Nah, leave Granny at home. You can afford this. Where else can you get this many clothes for $68? That’s right. My entire haul cost me only $68!

Okay, you’ve made your selections. You’re giddy with your deals and ready to check out. Take off your hangers to speed up the process in line. One you get home, take your time removing your tags. Most thrift stores in my area, staple them on. Go slowly! Wash your items before use!

Congratulations! Now, put your feet up and drag that mimosa out of your purse. You did it. With the money you saved, you can buy your accessories. That’s my style. I love to change up my clothes often, so I don’t mind thrifting. It allows me to expand my style horizons. I spend more money on things that are going to stick around for a while. Shoes, jewelry, and makeup. That way, I can get a well rounded look for less.



If you found this blog helpful, please share it with your friends. I’d love to meet them too!



Baby Led Weaning: Veggie Waffle with a Twist

18 Aug

Tonight at dinner, right before we broke out into song and dance (this happens), I decided to feed Betsy a waffle and vegetables for dinner. 9 times out of 10 she eats what we are having, but tonight it was Rueben sandwiches and I decided to forgo the beer soaked kraut for the baby.

Spread a little butter on a whole wheat waffle and set it down on her plate nestled safely between frozen peas and fresh corn……

And then crescendo! I shoved a pea in waffle box…and then a kernel.
Then Jazz hands! The Veggie Waffle was born.
Easy, Cheap, yummy, pretty, fun, and helps with fine motor. I win.

Baby toddler dinner

try adding frozen peas and fresh corn to a whole wheat waffle. I also added a swipe of butter.

She picked the little suckers out one by one and popped them in her mouth, excited for herself. She ate every last bit.

Baby’s First Tastes of Food (Funniest Reactions!)

19 Jun

This video was so much fun to put together. It took several months of getting footage and it all happens in less than three minutes! We recorded Betsy every time she tried a bite of a new food and her facial expressions were hysterical.

Betsy is our third child. We are older now and seasoned parents. That is by no means to say we know what we are doing; we are just parenting differently at this stage in the game.

Feeding time (she sounds like a chicken) is less of a struggle for baby #3. I remember with Sam, we strictly followed the baby food jar labels, as if Gerber were the be-all and end-all for our child. We religiously made sure he had his grains, veg, and fruit serving at every meal and minced up his little portion just so. If he missed a meal or wasn’t eating much we fretted whether or not he would “be ok”!

By the time we had our second child we were a little more realistic. They will eat when they are hungry and they won’t when they aren’t! She got her nutrients and we have always been conscious of what we are feeding our kids. No trans fats and processed food here!

Now with Betsy. She eats what we eat. She’s not very impressed by baby food purees and I think that has a lot to do with the fact that from the beginning of her food exploration we just gave her…….FOOD! There is a pretty popular trend right now called Baby Led Weaning. It’s where you give your baby food and let them gnaw and explore it. In the early stages they might not even be eating much of it (trust me, most of it ends up on the floor). Opponents of baby led weaning fear that the baby “might choke” or they won’t be able to chew because they don’t have teeth. Trust me, your baby will find a way.

We really didn’t even know that baby led weaning was a thing. We just fed our baby. I guess we do a mixture of techniques without even thinking about it. Go with your gut. That’s our mantra. Our baby is hungry, she eats food. Tell your friends.

I love that we have this footage. Watching it even now makes me teary. She ages four months in three minutes during this video. That’s what life feels like. They grow too fast.

Thanks a Lot Pinterest!

24 May

Sometimes, in the back of my head, I think that half the stuff on Pinterest someone put there just to see if people would really do it!

I mean where else do accept gourmet meals be placed next to rock hard abs. Pin now, eat later, skinny never!

Now, I have dubbed myself a “Pinterest Tryer-outer” It’s very scientific. I don’t want my pins to get all sad and dusty sitting on my boards, so I’ll try em’ out, then re-pin them to my “Attempts” board and review them.

Exhibit A:

Here you will find things, I actually tried on Pinterest and I tell you the TRUTH about them!

Here you will find things, I actually tried on Pinterest and I tell you the TRUTH about them!

And….here’s what I did today!

Contouring Make Up Pin

Don’t mess with me Pinterest Pinners!

Love forever,


What We Do in a Tornado

22 May

I have lived in the Midwest all my life and taking cover during a Tornado warning is just another thing we do in the Spring. It’s usually not a big deal and the storm passes by quickly and we move on with our day…until it doesn’t. Two years ago, a town 3 hours from us was hit hard. The city of Joplin was nearly destroyed. Two days ago, a massive tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma, five hours from us, leaving a path of destruction that has left the town flattened and devastated.

When we hear the warnings we hunker down and pray it doesn’t come near us. We may lose sight of the severity of these storms until we see the destruction they can cause. Here are some things that we have grown up hearing that have become second nature in a lot of ways and may seem like common sense, but if you are not familiar with tornados or have always wondered what families do to prepare, here is a short video showing you what we do.




How to Hide a Double Chin

8 May

When Facebook first came out it was geared toward college kids and that’s when I signed up. It was the winter of 2006 and I was pregnant with my second child. Way back when we didn’t even know what “social media” was.

Why does this matter? Well because from that point on any picture that would be taken of me inevitably would end up on the social media site and my fluctuating weight would forever be encapsulated on the inter-webs.

In 2009, I came up with the idea: How to Avoid a Double Chin to make my “friends” laugh. Today, three and a half years later, social media has become my platform where I can post crazy things like this:

Here are some examples from the 2006 album that didn’t make it into the video. Enjoy:

Highlighting your lips will distract your audience away from your double chin

Highlighting your lips will distract your audience away from your double chin

Use someone else's body to hold your baby and then tag yourself in the picture!

Use someone else’s body to hold your baby and then tag yourself in the picture!

Disclaimer* Sorry, but I started the little hands bit Kristen Wiig! One day we will argue it. This photo was taken in late 2008 and Kristen didn't do little hands until 2009! Give me my money!

Disclaimer* Sorry, but I started the little hands bit Kristen Wiig! One day we will argue it. This photo was taken in late 2008 and Kristen didn’t do little hands until 2009! Give me my money!

Apps Parents Need to Know About -Your kids Already Do!

6 May

We are the first generation of parents who get to navigate through our kids having access to technology at every turn. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is a bad thing. In fact, I think technology helps our kids gain information  quickly and widely in ways we could never dream of. No longer does language, location or the dewey decimal system dictate who or where we get our information.

It used to be that if you had a question you would thumb through an encyclopedia at the local library or ask your mom how things worked, but today our kids don’t even know what an encyclopedia is…unless they google it and we’re probably not first source they turn to either. Let’s be honest

The solution is not to keep our kids from it, but as a parent, I think it’s important to keep up with technology and know what’s out there. So, what’s the latest trend in apps that your kids don’t want you to know about?

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