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27 Weeks Pregnant

13 Jul

My baby is the size of a head of cauliflower. That’s not really helpful, but alas, there it is. I don’t know who thought they should compare growing babies to different foods? Maybe the assumed that pregnant ladies would have a special affinity for anything food related. Me, it seems like cannibalism. Ooh cauliflower sounds good! Actually a donut sounds good. Yea compare baby to a churro or a side of macaroni and cheese. That aside, I am thrilled to be moving right along. The early twenty weeks were the hardest. I’d say 20-25 weeks, I was bored, losing interest in being pregnant and ready to meet my baby. Now that I am passed that phase, I am realizing how close to meeting little Betsy we are and how much more I need to accomplish.

I am trying not to get sucked into buying all the little odds and ends that we think we “need”. Instead, I am entertaining myself with purchases I never would have bought with my other two babies. Back 100 years ago, okay 10 1/2 years ago when I was purchasing for baby number one, my priorities were way different. I wanted the crib set, the big stroller, the little baby jeans. Now with my gained wisdom, I am over it all. Now, I want a simple sheet, small fold-up stroller, and zip up sleepers for heaven’s sake. To add a little pizazz we’re also trying cloth diapers! I’m clueless! (Check out my Baby Buys Cloth Diaper HELP video). It’s comical how much I have to learn, but I want to do it. We are also trying more natural products and safer toys. The older we get the more we learn right? Shoot I gave my son lead paint to chew on…well not really.


Alcohol in Pregnancy

21 Jun

I spent most of the day sleeping. I took two naps! We’re getting close to the third trimester, I suppose. When I got up, I turned on World News with Diane Sawyer and they were getting set to do a story about a new study, concerning consuming alcohol in pregnancy.

Funny thing, my husband and I had just been debating (well not really a debate because we agreed) but we discussed this very topic a few weeks back. On our anniversary, the kids had a sitter and I had a beer. It was so cold and delicious. I had missed the taste and quite enjoyed it.

To some this may have been an outrageous thing to do and honestly, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for doing it. Could I just wait a few more months? Yes, but I really was not too concerned to have one alcoholic beverage during my second trimester for my anniversary. The anniversary part is neither here nor there, but I did feel safe about my decision.

What do you think? Is it outrageous?

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