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19 Feb




20 Oct
Today is a big day for me. After two and a half years of documenting my own life through my vlog, the most important thing that I have learned, is how invaluable looking back can be. Little compares to being able to see those moments that make up your life, again. I wanted to help others have the same. 


And so…

City Hall Starting my business


HiNoon Media LLC is now in BUSINESS!


Like real, take your picture in front of City Hall, recognized by the city, state, and federal government, in business!

Shoot people, I’m pretty excited (all puns, always intended).

This has been in the works for a while, but I was taking my sweet time and then all of the sudden it was happening and it was a whirlwind. I started taking pictures of everything in the process. I took pictures of my PO Box. I have no idea what sort of things will appear in that little box, but there it is.
PO Box


Feel free to send me well wishes:

HiNoon Media LLC

PO Box 446, Lee’s Summit MO 64063

As I was leaving, I started taking pictures of this…hoping it wasn’t a sign.

Porta Potty blown over

This gave me quite the chuckle.
Back to Business.  Please visit my website:



Find out a little bit about HiNoon Media:


See what sorts of projects we can do:




Then tell all of your friends! We are a Kansas City based company. Even if you are not local, you can still LOVE us. Ok, let’s start with LIKE. Go LIKE HiNoon Media’s Facebook Page:




There you have it my dear friends.

Dreams do come true.

To celebrate, we’re going to be daily vlogging all week long. Thanks for the support as always. Later this week, I will be sharing one of my first projects with you. 






KANSAS CITY SERIES: Longview Trail in Lee’s Summit, MO

14 Oct

Things to do

in Kansas City


 This year, I’m going to be sharing a little bit of my home town with you. Occasionally, I will blog a little post like this one, highlighting some of our family’s favorite things to do. On this day, we checked out a bike trail, south of town, in a little suburb to see what adventures we would find. Even if you never have the chance to visit Kansas City, maybe you will begin to see your own town through visiting eyes.


Full Review of Longview Lake Trail

Date Visited the Trail: Saturday August 9th, 2014

Time of day: late morning 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

Length of Trail: 7.5 miles one way; turn around for 15 miles.

Trail Material: Crushed Limestone, with some paved sections in low areas to avoid washout

Loose gravel limestone

Family Friendly: Yes. Great for beginning bike riders, tandems, and pull behind trailers. Not too crowded of a trail on a nice summer day, but many friendly faces to pass by and barbecues to smell.


Stroller friendly: Very stroller friendly. No stairs or off roading.

Ease of use: some hills, but not steep inclines. Mostly winding flat terrain. Travel across several low bridges and through a tunnel. The kids loved to scream all the way through it. The trail is about 10 feet across, allowing enough to pass on coming riders at slower speeds.


Scenery: The grass was mowed close to the trail, but the natural habitat is allowed to grow. You will pass marshy grass and ponds, as well as, views of the lake. Trees surround both sides and overhead at the south end of the trail and it clears out near the middle with wide rolling meadows and shelters for gatherings.

Places to park: There are several parking spots available. Some areas are more secluded and you want to make sure to lock you vehicle.

Conditions: The trail offers shade in some areas, but in others it is open and the sun can beat down. You might consider hats and sunscreen for little ones. Bring water with you! Many of the water fountains were not working. There were porta potties next to the locked bathrooms. Not sure why the bathrooms were not open. Some shelters did not offer handicap accessible porta potties.

Porta Potty

(Insert funny story real quick: I went to use this facility and as you can see it’s bigger, so I chose it, over the smaller one. My daughter pipes up, “Mom!! You can’t use that one! You’re not homeless”  Sigh).


Safety: The trail during the day seemed safe. Many people were fishing off the path or walking their dogs. As mentioned above, there are some secluded parts and wooded areas. It is our recommendation to use the trail during light hours (trails close at sundown)

Family Bike Ride at Longview Lake Trail

Trailhead locations: O’Donnell Park Shelter #9. Located just south off Sherer & Raytown roads. You may choose to start from the north, at Shelter 14, near the Marina. There are several other shelters where you can pick up the trail.

Other Things to Do at Longview Lake: boating, biking, camping, fishing, walking/hiking, horseback riding, swimming, picnic areas, RV.







2 Million Thanks!

9 Oct

2 Million Thanks!

That’s right! Today, my Youtube Channel passed 2,000,000 views. After lots of hard work, this is a big milestone for my channel and I just want to pass on my gratefulness to you, my subscribers.

classic Erin Condren Life Planner

Have you seen this?

Click this Link to Enter:

2 Million Thanks







This is not a sponsored post. All products were chosen and paid for by me with my own money. Just my way of saying thank you.

A sincere thank you,



Messy House Tour Tag

7 Oct

My house is a MESS and Saturday is the messiest day of all. After the running around and functioning of the week is over, our tidy rooms become piles, stacks, and evidence that five people call this place home.

After doing a quick walk through, I thought it wasn’t so bad. On second thought, I began to worry that I might be alone; that my husband and I might be living like college students, with our mix matched thrifty furniture and bare walls, buried beneath our three kids’ toys and worksheets. (Ooh another thing for my future employer to find out about).

And so, I created a tag. Fellow bloggers, please feel free to join me in posting your messy abodes. I beg you.


The Messy House Tag

My top 10 messy nooks and crannies

1. What your living room looks like right now, in it’s current state and time:

Messy Living Room

Our living in it’s current state: 3:17 pm

2. The laundry pile (don’t act like there isn’t a pile):

Laundry Room

Laundry room and bathroom as is.

3. Your full kitchen sink:

Full Kitchen Sink

My sink full of dishes. I really need a trough

4. Find the ledge with the thickest dust:

Thickest ledge of desk top of fridge in messy house tour tag

The top of my fridge! I’m only 5’2”. That’s my excuse.

5. An unfinished project:

Need to clean and finish repainting these stairs...and weed eat

Need to clean and finish repainting these stairs!


Betsy is Messy too!

Betsy is Messy too!

6. Outdoor mess that needs tending to:

Outdoor Mess Messy House Tour Tag garden

I have no idea what to do here. I am not a gardener. So I just keep pulling the weeds and look at rocks


7. Inside a closet. Pick a closet, any closet:

Closet in Messy House Tour

My closet. It’s not too bad.

8. Something that no one will ever notice, but it bothers you:

Blind wand is nearly in the center of the blinds and the window is smooched against the wall in the corner of the room....for no reason.

Blind wand is nearly in the center of the blinds and the window is smooched against the wall in the corner of the room….for no reason.

9. Someone else’s mess; you can’t be blamed for all of it:

Betsy needs to clean her kitchen too!

Betsy needs to clean her kitchen too!


10. The cleanest room in your house, because we all know it’s normally spotless:

My clean living room. Cleaned up the baby a little too!

My clean living room. Cleaned up the baby a little too!

Toddler eating a snack

I cleaned my baby up too

I need to know that I’m not alone in this. If you do this tag, please let me know. You can use the #DontStressTheMess


Since we’re friends now, I hope you’ll follow and come back soon. YOU are  invited to check out my full Messy House Tour! A fun collaboration I participated in, with the 411 mommas and created this Messy Home Tour for you. Come on inside for more of my Messy home.










Seven Minutes of Thoughts

24 Sep

It’s 11:52 pm.

I started a new post and the clock is ticking, because I also told myself that I would go to bed at midnight.


Here are my thoughts:

I think I should use twitter more. I decided to be funny on twitter this week, but what’s actually is happened is my random sentences are just floating around somewhere, because no one follows me on twitter. That’s ok. I’m fine with my floating sentences. I read earlier today that the national archives… or something like that…the  Library of Congress, actually it is, is keeping a record of every tweet that has ever been written.

That’s either really boring or really cool. I can’t decide.

Two hundred years from now, when an 11 year old college  student is researching “post millennial “tweetisms” (11 years old because of the rapid evolution in human brain development, due to the introduction of technology, as one is exiting the birth canal) he will find that today, I was…

therefore making for a disturbing concoction that required I start the batch again. He will note that it could happen to anyone and nothing has really changed after all. Our eleven year old college “tweeter” expert will set down his device and muse about the fact that

 History is more circular than linear and while there is progress, there is really no advancement.

He will twirl his curly hair as he reaches for a skittle. Minus red dye 40, because hopefully, we can at least advance away from that.

seven minutes of thoughts



I have 30 seconds.

In 7 minutes, I have taken a very strange turn and introduced you to a curly head kid in the future, who eats skittles and studies twitter; the document of our generation.

I’m going to bed.

My brain, as you can imagine, will not.

12:00 AM

PS. Wouldn’t it be fun to follow the Library of Congress on Twitter? I think I will address all of my tweets to them from now on. Just to save time on the archival process. You know, to help.

To FOLLOW me on twitter

To FOLLOW the Library of Congress.




The Perfect Destination Wedding Gift

22 Sep

One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.” – Riding in Cars with Boys

I think the same applies to people. You meet three or four people in your life, that significantly change its course and make you different. Allow me to introduce the first of these people to you, my childhood best friend Ashley.


The cliche’, we did everything together, is a cliche’ because we wrote it. I don’t know if there have ever been two kids who did more little life together than we did. As life goes, we grew up and our lives were different. We have remained friends for nearly thirty years and this summer, after traveling the world and living in places like San Francisco, New York, Steamboat Springs, Ashley got married (but, who knows where she’ll land).

She has collected friends and family from all over and the majority of the wedding party was coming to her.


When she started listing off the places people were arriving from, we put this idea together. I am not crafty and this was not easy, but I loved how it turned out.

Destination Wedding Map gift


Map:  You would think this would be easy to track down, but alas, no. I ended up buying the size image I wanted off of this Etsy store and then having it printed at Kinkos on foam board.

5/8th pins off Amazon

red string

glue dots size large

sticker to cover your mess of strings underneath. I chose one that said, “I do”

Sharp scissors

Shadow box


5/8th pins

Red string




From there, I packed up and headed to the craft store.

Technically, you’re not supposed to work there, but as a non crafter, I know, that I would get home and realize I needed something else or the thing I bought wouldn’t work….

So I plopped down at a display case and any time I needed something, I walked to the aisle, picked it up, opened it and stuck it to my project. Never you worry, I paid for the whole bit.



I put a large glue dot at my destination. Then I gently pulled each string and stuck it to the dot. When the strings covered the dot, I added another one right on top of the first and kept going. Finally, I added a larger three dimensional sticker on top to cover the string pile.  I think it turned out beautifully and was a big hit with the bride and groom.

A gift to keep and remember that people will travel far and wide to experience love.

Photo by Camille Brecht

Photo by Camille Brecht


And look at this LOVE too! One day, I’ll have share this story, because it’s just so good.




Photo by Camille Brecht

Look how much I love this story!


And I could get pretty used to this view

Photo by Camille Brecht

Photo by Camille Brecht


Finished Map

So happy for you Kevin & Ashley!


Thanks for reading. Now, pin the heck out of this for me because this is the one craft you’re gonna get.






I QUIT: 20 Instances at Least

1 Sep

In childhood I quit

Softball (because I had to pee)

Believing in Santa Clause (because my dad always told me the truth)

Wetting the bed (because I was 12)

Being an only child (because having sisters is more fun)

Getting spankings (because I laughed the last time)


Stop believing in Santa



In adolescence I quit

Waiting for my first kiss (because I met the boy of my dreams. I was wrong.)

Getting up early (because I realized how much I loved sleeping)

Believing that my dad always told me the truth (because I learned he was human)

Following all the rules (because I got more attention when I didn’t)

Being a child (because I never felt like one anyway)

Teenager in the 90's


In my 20’s I quit

My job (because I wanted to stay home with my kids)

Being afraid to let God love me (because He showed me His grace)

Smoking (because I was a mother)

Spending money (because I never had any)

Expecting people to get my jokes (because I was laughing and that was enough)












 In my 30’s I quit

Looking for the next best thing (because I had it all)

Wearing boot cut jeans (because it was just time)

Fearing I couldn’t sing (because I like to)

Holding out for calories to not make you chubby (because I decided to just workout)

Trying to be the perfect mom (because I realized my kids think I’m pretty good anyway)



Don’t give up, keep going, don’t slack, make shit happen, try harder, you’re not trying hard enough, don’t give in, no pain no gain, be persistent, keep marching, get back up, tomorrow’s a new day, winners never quit and quitters never win, prevail, fight, GO!


People are always telling me not to quit

(but I don’t always do what I’m told).



Breanne hinoonblog




What We Do in a Tornado

22 May

I have lived in the Midwest all my life and taking cover during a Tornado warning is just another thing we do in the Spring. It’s usually not a big deal and the storm passes by quickly and we move on with our day…until it doesn’t. Two years ago, a town 3 hours from us was hit hard. The city of Joplin was nearly destroyed. Two days ago, a massive tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma, five hours from us, leaving a path of destruction that has left the town flattened and devastated.

When we hear the warnings we hunker down and pray it doesn’t come near us. We may lose sight of the severity of these storms until we see the destruction they can cause. Here are some things that we have grown up hearing that have become second nature in a lot of ways and may seem like common sense, but if you are not familiar with tornados or have always wondered what families do to prepare, here is a short video showing you what we do.




How to Hide a Double Chin

8 May

When Facebook first came out it was geared toward college kids and that’s when I signed up. It was the winter of 2006 and I was pregnant with my second child. Way back when we didn’t even know what “social media” was.

Why does this matter? Well because from that point on any picture that would be taken of me inevitably would end up on the social media site and my fluctuating weight would forever be encapsulated on the inter-webs.

In 2009, I came up with the idea: How to Avoid a Double Chin to make my “friends” laugh. Today, three and a half years later, social media has become my platform where I can post crazy things like this:

Here are some examples from the 2006 album that didn’t make it into the video. Enjoy:

Highlighting your lips will distract your audience away from your double chin

Highlighting your lips will distract your audience away from your double chin

Use someone else's body to hold your baby and then tag yourself in the picture!

Use someone else’s body to hold your baby and then tag yourself in the picture!

Disclaimer* Sorry, but I started the little hands bit Kristen Wiig! One day we will argue it. This photo was taken in late 2008 and Kristen didn't do little hands until 2009! Give me my money!

Disclaimer* Sorry, but I started the little hands bit Kristen Wiig! One day we will argue it. This photo was taken in late 2008 and Kristen didn’t do little hands until 2009! Give me my money!

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