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My {Grace Filled} Mess

22 Oct
I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs today.
My { Grace Filled } Mess is just this consistent place of beauty. While this is out of the norm for this weird funny place you find yourself, it is with great pleasure to give you somewhere real to go. If you have a heart for good writing or questions of any kind about adoption; the process, the stories, and the deep relationships that are created through it, then you’ll want to meet Susan.  
I should tell you that Susan is my friend. We have had coffee over some hard times together and we have giggled over the good times many more. She’s one of those people…
HiNoon Media was also lucky enough to be able to be mentioned in her blog recently with one of our latest video projects. Please read, enjoy, and follow. 

another family reunion

It’s become a tradition now. For the third year I opened my home to my adoptive families. Although most were from the KC metro area, several traveled from out of state. We shared a meal, lots of laughter, and extraordinary stories. But it’s so much more than gathering to eat and catch up. It’s become a family reunion.
My families are all connected through a private Facebook group. Throughout the year and throughout their journey’s they share their stories, encourage each other, and pray specifically for each other. We have an opportunity to hear as a family meets their expectant birth mother for the first time, pray when the unexpected twists and turns come, and celebrate as babies are welcomed into their forever family. Families close by geographically gather for BBQ’s, we watch babies take their first steps and grow up, and advice and encouragement is given on diapers, hair care, and what adoption looks like as their children grow.
What’s become even more of a tradition is how I lose it in my kitchen each year. Fifty plus people all gathered in our small kitchen and living room. As as I welcomed each one into our home, met precious babies I had personally prayed for, and looked at each face before we blessed the meal, tears easily came to my eyes. I knew each family’s story there that day. How they prayed and dreamed and cried and worked toward their adoption. I knew the hours they spent on paperwork. I knew the sacrifices they made in their budget. I knew the story of their birth mothers.
I knew each family in my living room that day represented God’s amazing faithfulness to them as they stood with babies in their arms.
And I lost it. As I was thanking God for the food and the sweet families gathered in our home, I couldn’t get past the lump in my throat.
God does more than create one family through adoption. He creates friendship, an extended family, and a community. And I’m honored to be a small part of it.
Here’s a glimpse into our afternoon, our celebration, and the stories of some of my families. After you watch you’ll know why I was near tears all day…
A special thanks to HiNoon Media for filming our family reunion and capturing these stories. Breanne is a dear friend and a popular mommy vlogger. Subscribe to her channel – you won’t be sorry.
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