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19 Feb

I’m sick. Today my voice is nearly completely gone.

Let’s get straight to it. The vlog for today. I should start by saying, I love the people I live with. They’re all necessary to complete my happiness and as you can see in the very ordinary day, where I don’t feel well, each one of them touches my heart and makes me laugh.

I found the funny yet again.


See you tomorrow.


The Globalization of Motherhood

9 Apr

This week marks one year on Youtube. On the afternoon of April 11, 2012, I decided to turn my camera at my face and start a vlog. I had spent a few months watching other mommy vloggers and accidentally stumbled upon a community that I didn’t even know existed.

It’s a culture in the future and a concept that would have been hard to ponder just a decade or so before. We are in the beginning stages of the globalization of motherhood. At no other point in history have we as moms had more resources or support, while at the same time, it can be argued that mothers today have more pressures and expectations than ever before.

When I stumbled upon this “community” as they call themselves, I was drawn in and in awe of the phenomenon I was witness to. Here, mothers from literally all corners of the globe, can enter the living room of another mother, hear her story, her struggles, her joys, and encourage and interact in very real ways. Relationships are built between women who have never met and may never meet, yet the connections are real and the support is sensed.

We had some friends over for dinner this past weekend and the topic came up about our channel.   To explain further the ways in which, the internet, and Youtube in particular have changed the way we interact, I gave them an illustration of what had transpired between another mother and myself. My friend, as I refer to her as, lives in France. She has five children, whose youngest was born shortly after my baby Betsy. She is so full of energy and always cheerful. She too is moving soon, just as we have. In fact, she plans to paint her new entry way the SAME color as we painted our laundry room here in Missouri!

Maybe a taste in paint colors is a minor commonality, but when my laundry room inspires someone a world away, the world gets very small and the relationships we build seem very close. It’s just paint, but it’s also hope. By making the world very small, we are then able realize that the problems in it are also ours and the solutions to it are within reach.

I often hear the fear that technology gets in the way of “real relationships” and that an email or text will somehow end  face to face conversation or the written word. I would rather encourage you to embrace technology and what it’s done for us socially. Today while I was grabbing lunch, a friend from elementary school flagged me down in the parking lot. I had not seen her face to face in 25 years and yet because of Facebook, I actually just talked to her last week and our conversation flowed as if no time had gone by.

If this past year on Youtube has taught me anything, it’s that the world is very small and if I want to tell you about it, I’ll update my blog.

You have reached the end of the Internet. Please turn around and visit our Youtube channel: Image






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