28 Sep


There’s the good old reliable way to do things….and then there’s me. I’ve decided to let you follow me as I try to land the perfect job.

I’ll be documenting the entire process for you as we go. More importantly, you can invite me to come to work with you!

But before we go there, let’s cover a few important details. Yes details. People insist on having them, so I’ve learned to conform. 

First, my name is Breanne Zapien. I live in Kansas City, Missouri.

What kind of job am I looking for? That’s what we’e here to find out. The Kansas City job market is on the rise and in our tech-based economy, I’ve been inspired to keep learning and

I’m ready for a new challenge.

Sure, I can pull up job search sites, but I want to hear from you. Why not collaborate and network with people that might know about an opportunity that I don’t. If I’m going to dedicate my time and skills to a company, I want to get it right. I’m interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing me.

hey girl

…Oh, did I mention, I think I’m funny?

We cover many hot topics

  • including how you can TAKE ME TO WORK WITH YOU! I’ll be doing some job shadowing projects and documenting it all. We’ll look at what jobs are out there, how to track them down, and when to walk away.
  • Top 5 things I’m doing to keep my skills relevant
  • What’s new in the world of resumes
  • My background and work history
  • What will I wear to my interviews? #OOTD This is what people really want to know isn’t it? 


I hope you’ll follow along.

You can find me on Instagram @takebreannetowork

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As always,

Breanne Zapien





19 Feb

I’m sick. Today my voice is nearly completely gone.

Let’s get straight to it. The vlog for today. I should start by saying, I love the people I live with. They’re all necessary to complete my happiness and as you can see in the very ordinary day, where I don’t feel well, each one of them touches my heart and makes me laugh.

I found the funny yet again.


See you tomorrow.


My {Grace Filled} Mess

22 Oct
I wanted to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs today.
My { Grace Filled } Mess is just this consistent place of beauty. While this is out of the norm for this weird funny place you find yourself, it is with great pleasure to give you somewhere real to go. If you have a heart for good writing or questions of any kind about adoption; the process, the stories, and the deep relationships that are created through it, then you’ll want to meet Susan.  
I should tell you that Susan is my friend. We have had coffee over some hard times together and we have giggled over the good times many more. She’s one of those people…
HiNoon Media was also lucky enough to be able to be mentioned in her blog recently with one of our latest video projects. Please read, enjoy, and follow. 

another family reunion

It’s become a tradition now. For the third year I opened my home to my adoptive families. Although most were from the KC metro area, several traveled from out of state. We shared a meal, lots of laughter, and extraordinary stories. But it’s so much more than gathering to eat and catch up. It’s become a family reunion.
My families are all connected through a private Facebook group. Throughout the year and throughout their journey’s they share their stories, encourage each other, and pray specifically for each other. We have an opportunity to hear as a family meets their expectant birth mother for the first time, pray when the unexpected twists and turns come, and celebrate as babies are welcomed into their forever family. Families close by geographically gather for BBQ’s, we watch babies take their first steps and grow up, and advice and encouragement is given on diapers, hair care, and what adoption looks like as their children grow.
What’s become even more of a tradition is how I lose it in my kitchen each year. Fifty plus people all gathered in our small kitchen and living room. As as I welcomed each one into our home, met precious babies I had personally prayed for, and looked at each face before we blessed the meal, tears easily came to my eyes. I knew each family’s story there that day. How they prayed and dreamed and cried and worked toward their adoption. I knew the hours they spent on paperwork. I knew the sacrifices they made in their budget. I knew the story of their birth mothers.
I knew each family in my living room that day represented God’s amazing faithfulness to them as they stood with babies in their arms.
And I lost it. As I was thanking God for the food and the sweet families gathered in our home, I couldn’t get past the lump in my throat.
God does more than create one family through adoption. He creates friendship, an extended family, and a community. And I’m honored to be a small part of it.
Here’s a glimpse into our afternoon, our celebration, and the stories of some of my families. After you watch you’ll know why I was near tears all day…
A special thanks to HiNoon Media for filming our family reunion and capturing these stories. Breanne is a dear friend and a popular mommy vlogger. Subscribe to her channel – you won’t be sorry.

2 Million Thanks!

9 Oct

2 Million Thanks!

That’s right! Today, my Youtube Channel passed 2,000,000 views. After lots of hard work, this is a big milestone for my channel and I just want to pass on my gratefulness to you, my subscribers.

classic Erin Condren Life Planner

Have you seen this?

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2 Million Thanks







This is not a sponsored post. All products were chosen and paid for by me with my own money. Just my way of saying thank you.

A sincere thank you,




The Perfect Destination Wedding Gift

22 Sep

One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.” – Riding in Cars with Boys

I think the same applies to people. You meet three or four people in your life, that significantly change its course and make you different. Allow me to introduce the first of these people to you, my childhood best friend Ashley.


The cliche’, we did everything together, is a cliche’ because we wrote it. I don’t know if there have ever been two kids who did more little life together than we did. As life goes, we grew up and our lives were different. We have remained friends for nearly thirty years and this summer, after traveling the world and living in places like San Francisco, New York, Steamboat Springs, Ashley got married (but, who knows where she’ll land).

She has collected friends and family from all over and the majority of the wedding party was coming to her.


When she started listing off the places people were arriving from, we put this idea together. I am not crafty and this was not easy, but I loved how it turned out.

Destination Wedding Map gift


Map:  You would think this would be easy to track down, but alas, no. I ended up buying the size image I wanted off of this Etsy store and then having it printed at Kinkos on foam board.

5/8th pins off Amazon

red string

glue dots size large

sticker to cover your mess of strings underneath. I chose one that said, “I do”

Sharp scissors

Shadow box


5/8th pins

Red string




From there, I packed up and headed to the craft store.

Technically, you’re not supposed to work there, but as a non crafter, I know, that I would get home and realize I needed something else or the thing I bought wouldn’t work….

So I plopped down at a display case and any time I needed something, I walked to the aisle, picked it up, opened it and stuck it to my project. Never you worry, I paid for the whole bit.



I put a large glue dot at my destination. Then I gently pulled each string and stuck it to the dot. When the strings covered the dot, I added another one right on top of the first and kept going. Finally, I added a larger three dimensional sticker on top to cover the string pile.  I think it turned out beautifully and was a big hit with the bride and groom.

A gift to keep and remember that people will travel far and wide to experience love.

Photo by Camille Brecht

Photo by Camille Brecht


And look at this LOVE too! One day, I’ll have share this story, because it’s just so good.




Photo by Camille Brecht

Look how much I love this story!


And I could get pretty used to this view

Photo by Camille Brecht

Photo by Camille Brecht


Finished Map

So happy for you Kevin & Ashley!


Thanks for reading. Now, pin the heck out of this for me because this is the one craft you’re gonna get.






What We Do in a Tornado

22 May

I have lived in the Midwest all my life and taking cover during a Tornado warning is just another thing we do in the Spring. It’s usually not a big deal and the storm passes by quickly and we move on with our day…until it doesn’t. Two years ago, a town 3 hours from us was hit hard. The city of Joplin was nearly destroyed. Two days ago, a massive tornado hit the town of Moore Oklahoma, five hours from us, leaving a path of destruction that has left the town flattened and devastated.

When we hear the warnings we hunker down and pray it doesn’t come near us. We may lose sight of the severity of these storms until we see the destruction they can cause. Here are some things that we have grown up hearing that have become second nature in a lot of ways and may seem like common sense, but if you are not familiar with tornados or have always wondered what families do to prepare, here is a short video showing you what we do.






3 May

Finding time to hang out with my husband isn’t the easiest with three kids and our busy lives, but lately we’ve been carving out time for “date night” and we video tape it. ….SCREECH!…what?!

Our family is used to having cameras around, vlogging for our Youtube channel: Breanneshop52. It’s a fun place where we show funny clips throughout our days in hopes of making people laugh and realize that you can find the funny in most situations.

Eric and I decided we wanted a channel just for us, where we talk about whatever comes to mind. Let me tell you, that’s the truth. I have no idea what he’s going to say next! After 4 episodes we’re having a great time and hopefully making people laugh along with us.

Here is last night’s video. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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